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Anti-metaverse campaign from Magnum

Metaverse technology undoubtedly promises a wide variety of exciting experiences… However, this does not mean that “real” habits will give way to virtual habits. Positioning itself as the “authority of pleasure” when it comes to ice cream, Magnum emphasizes that one of the unforgettable experiences in the metaverse is the pleasure of ice cream in its latest campaign, which it created based on this very point.

With its #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse anti-metaverse campaign, Magnum expresses its belief that everyone should be able to pursue what brings them pleasure, whether in the real or virtual world. The film is about Luna, a virtual avatar, and her journey to escape the meta-universe as she pursues Magnum pleasure. However, despite her best efforts, Luna is unable to experience something she can only experience in the real world, such as biting a Magnum…

The film, which will be shown at Metaverse Fashion Week, all held in Decentraland, will be broadcast on Twitch after the screening. “As a brand, we represent pleasure,” said Sara Paixao, Magnum Global Digital Brand Manager.

We believe that pleasure can be found in both the offline and online worlds. However, the pleasure of eating ice cream is not yet possible in the virtual world.

“With the campaign, we wanted to encourage everyone to go offline for a while and experience the real-life pleasure of indulging in a Magnum, even though Magnum is not available in the metaverse.”

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