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Ankara Embraces Metaverse: 4th Test City for Open AR Cloud

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, has recently joined the global Metaverse initiative by becoming part of the Open AR Cloud Association’s test program. This move aims to integrate Ankara into the rapidly evolving Metaverse, positioning it alongside Los Angeles, Bari, and Helsinki as the fourth test city on the Open AR Cloud platform.

This development is aligned with the trend set off by the social media titan Facebook’s transition to ‘Meta’ and its dedication to the Metaverse concept. Mansur Yavaş, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, confirmed the city’s participation in this test program, marking its entry into the Metaverse.

Announcing this on Twitter, Mayor Yavaş stated, “Our city, Ankara, has now joined as the fourth test city of the Open AR Cloud Association, following Los Angeles, Bari, and Helsinki. This association is focused on establishing standards for an open and interoperable Metaverse. Under our BLD 4.0 vision, we aim to achieve Metaverse integration and assert our presence through our initiatives.”



Ankara has become part of the group of cities participating in the Open AR Cloud Association’s test program, contributing to the advancement of open and interoperable spatial computing technologies. This initiative seeks to innovatively merge the physical and digital worlds.

The cities currently hosted on the Open AR Cloud platform are Los Angeles in the USA, Bari in Italy, Helsinki in Finland, and now Ankara in Turkey.

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