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An official from Ferrari announced that the company will receive payments in cryptocurrency

“We anticipated that as cryptocurrencies continued to grow, all companies would eventually adopt them. However, it’s surprising that Ferrari has taken the lead.

Ferrari, the luxury sports car manufacturer known for its unconventional approach, boasts an exceptionally loyal customer base. The company, which frequently takes unexpected strides, recently unveiled its SUV model, the “Purosangue,” which in itself was a surprising move.

As we’ve mentioned, Ferrari places a high value on its customers, and it has now responded to their preferences by announcing that it will accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. This announcement was made by Enrico Galliera, the individual responsible for customer relations and marketing at the company.”

This decision was made thanks to dealer and customer demands.


Certainly, the exact number of vehicles that the company, seeking to attract new customers in addition to retaining its existing clientele, plans to sell through cryptocurrency remains undisclosed.

According to a Reuters report, Galliera mentioned that orders are typically being placed for delivery by the year 2025. The payment method is anticipated to be available in Europe by the first quarter of 2024, with plans to extend its reach beyond that region subsequently.

Galliera further noted that there would be no additional charges for payments made using cryptocurrency. While the process appears more straightforward in Europe, an agreement with BitPay has been established for orders in the United States. This arrangement aims to shield both the company and its customers from the volatility of cryptocurrencies and ensures that the funds received are not derived from illegal activities.

Despite the convenience offered, many companies remain cautious about adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method due to its inherent instability. Ferrari’s decision to embrace this approach can be seen as particularly daring in this context.

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