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An artificial intelligence tool is coming to YouTube where you can create songs even by humming

YouTube, in collaboration with Google’s DeepMind, is exploring groundbreaking developments in AI music technology. The standout feature of this initiative is the “Dream Track” tool, which has the capability to synthesize songs sung by famous artists. This tool represents a significant leap in generative AI technology, allowing users to create unique songs using just written commands.

The process is straightforward: users input written instructions, and the AI responds by generating lyrics that align with these commands. Once the lyrics are set, users can choose from a roster of renowned singers to perform the song. The AI then replicates the chosen artists’ voices, providing a 30-second audio clip of the song as sung by these virtual vocalists.

This technology not only demonstrates the evolving capabilities of AI in the realm of music and voice synthesis but also opens new avenues for personalized music creation, where even humming can be transformed into a full-fledged song with the distinct voice of a famous singer.

Artificial intelligence will create and sing the song

An artificial intelligence tool is coming to YouTube where you can create songs even by humming

YouTube’s venture into AI-driven music creation, in partnership with Google’s DeepMind, has garnered the involvement of nine notable artists: Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Papoose, Sia, T-Pain, and Troye Sivan. This collaboration signals a significant embrace of AI technology by these artists.

Demi Lovato, commenting on this project, expressed a forward-thinking perspective. She highlighted the importance of artists engaging with AI technologies, acknowledging their potential to shape the future of music and creativity.

Central to this project is “Lyria,” DeepMind’s most sophisticated model for music creation, which will be utilized by the Dream Track feature. YouTube’s integration of Lyria into this new tool underscores their commitment to pioneering in the realm of AI and music, promising an innovative approach to song creation and performance. This collaboration between YouTube, DeepMind, and the artists marks a notable intersection of technology and human creativity in the music industry.

The murmurs will be music


Lyor Cohen, the head of YouTube’s music department, along with Tony Reid, a leading executive at the company, shared their belief that this new AI initiative could uncover new ways to deepen the connection between artists and their fans. They emphasized the potential of the Dream Track tool to transform simple hums or sounds into intricate music, even incorporating wind instruments.

Cohen expressed enthusiasm about the possibilities AI presents, emphasizing the need for responsible innovation. He stated, “The potential of AI is incredibly exciting. However, we are committed to approaching new technology responsibly. This means recognizing that AI’s role is to augment, not replace, human creativity.”

To showcase the capabilities of this new feature, YouTube has released two sample songs created using the Dream Track tool, providing a glimpse into the future of music creation and the evolving synergy between AI technology and artistic expression.

The song, composed by Charlie Puth’s voice, with the command “Opposites attract”:

The music and lyrics for this Florida-native piece are composed by Dream Track, and the sound comes from T-Pain, “On a sunny Florida morning, R&B”:


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