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Amazon offers free generative AI courses!

Amazon is addressing the shortage of trained personnel in the field of productive artificial intelligence and is aiming to promote its own artificial intelligence products through the courses it is offering.

Since the introduction of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) with ChatGPT last year, it has garnered attention from both end users and the corporate sector.

As numerous large and small companies invest in this field, the correct and effective utilization of generative artificial intelligence applications and tools has become increasingly crucial. E-commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon is actively addressing this issue with its initiative called “AI Ready,” which is launching free training courses.

AI Ready is essentially an expansion of Amazon’s existing AWS-based AI skills training programs. In addition to the existing programs, Amazon has now added eight free courses covering AI project management and development.

Amazon reports that 21 million individuals have already received training in AWS cloud computing skills through its programs, and it anticipates that 25 million people will have taken AI courses by 2025.

A total of $12 million in scholarships in addition to free tuition from Amazon


Amazon’s recent initiative involves providing a new AI course on Udacity to over 50,000 high school and college students worldwide, backed by an AWS scholarship.

This endeavor, focusing on students in underserved and underrepresented communities, represents a $12 million investment by the company. Alongside this, Amazon has also announced a partnership with to support students in learning about generative AI.

The motivation behind this initiative is clear from Amazon’s statement. They highlight a significant demand for AI-skilled workers, with 73% of employers considering it a priority. However, a stark gap exists, as three-quarters of these employers struggle to find adequate AI talent.

Moreover, employees with AI skills are expected to command salaries up to 47% higher. Notably, 93% of businesses anticipate integrating AI solutions within their organizations in the next five years.

In response to this growing demand for AI expertise, Amazon has crafted a specialized training program. This initiative serves a dual purpose: addressing the talent gap in the AI field and promoting Amazon’s AI products.


The training includes an 8-lesson, non-technical course offered by Amazon, aimed at acquainting learners with the fundamentals of generative AI, project planning involving AI, and the use of Amazon’s CodeWhisperer AI code generator.

These courses are strategically designed to bolster Amazon’s standing in AI technology, positioning it alongside major players like Microsoft/OpenAI and Google.

They cover a range of topics, including AWS machine learning, language models, and the Bedrock AI app builder, thereby enhancing knowledge and application of Amazon’s AI technologies.

Those interested in Amazon’s free courses can access the first generative AI training and introductory lessons to CodeWhisperer on the AWS Educate site. The rest of the free courses, including learning how to use Amazon’s Transcribe speech-to-text generator, are available on the AWS Skill Builder site.

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