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Amazon developed artificial intelligence that summarizes all comments

Amazon has recently launched an innovative AI-powered shopping feature, exclusively available to users in the United States. This feature harnesses the power of generative AI to evaluate products based on user reviews.

By summarizing thousands of customer comments into a concise paragraph, this tool offers a quick and insightful way to gauge the quality and appeal of products. As the global fascination with artificial intelligence grows, such initiatives from companies like Amazon mark significant steps in integrating AI into everyday consumer experiences.

This shopping feature represents a blend of technology and user feedback, providing a novel approach to online shopping.

AI summarizes thousands of customer reviews in a single paragraph

Amazon developed artificial intelligence that summarizes all comments

Amazon has recently unveiled a new feature that generates AI-powered summaries, transforming hundreds or thousands of user reviews for products into a single, informative paragraph. This paragraph highlights what users like and dislike about the products.

The feature, which has undergone several months of testing, is currently accessible to a select number of users in the United States through Amazon’s mobile application. As of now, the availability of this feature is limited to a small range of select products, including televisions, headphones, and tablets. The timeline for when this feature will be broadly available remains uncertain.


From the provided screenshots, it’s evident that the AI-generated summaries on Amazon are designed to be easy to read.

Generally, these summaries tend to highlight the positive aspects of products more prominently, with fewer mentions of negative aspects, often placed towards the end. This skew towards positivity could be attributed to the current focus on highly-rated products. The effectiveness of the system for lower-rated products remains to be seen, as this will better reveal its utility in providing a balanced view.

Amazon has also clarified that these summaries will only include reviews from confirmed purchases. This approach is intended to mitigate the impact of fake reviews on the summarization process.

While using AI to summarize customer reviews can simplify the decision-making process for users, there are concerns about the reliability of these summaries. Given that the primary goal of companies is to sell products, the impartiality and trustworthiness of such AI-generated summaries are subject to scrutiny.

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