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AI-Powered Characters Are Coming to Xbox Games: Here Are the First Details

Microsoft has entered into a partnership with AI-focused company Inworld AI, opening doors for developers to access AI tools. This collaboration paves the way for the introduction of Xbox games with AI-powered NPCs, revolutionizing the gaming experience.

Microsoft, having recently acquired Activision Blizzard, has made another significant move to enhance the Xbox gaming landscape.

The company has partnered with Inworld AI, an AI-focused firm, embarking on a multi-year collaboration to introduce cutting-edge technologies that will propel Xbox gaming to new heights.

This alliance with Inworld AI will empower Xbox developers to create generative AI-powered characters, stories, and missions, introducing a new level of immersion and captivating gameplay.

We can see AI-powered NPCs that can answer your questions, such as ChatGPT, in Xbox games


The partnership will encompass a system dubbed “AI design copilot,” enabling developers to craft intricate dialogues, comprehensive scenarios, narratives, and more.

Additionally, “AI character runtime engine,” an instrument offering character-centric, narration-based, task-driven, and dialogue-oriented AI functionalities, will be unveiled.

Inworld has been at the forefront of AI-powered NPCs (non-playable characters) development for quite some time. With this support, in-game characters can engage in personalized, more realistic conversations with players, mirroring ChatGPT’s prowess.

A few months ago, we witnessed a mod called “Sentinet Streets” that infused artificial intelligence into GTA 5’s NPCs. This mod employed Inworld AI’s technologies. Beyond characters, we can anticipate the utilization of artificial intelligence in missions, storytelling, and other game elements.

Only developers who want to will be able to use artificial intelligence tools


Microsoft has opted to provide AI features to developers on an as-needed basis. Studios will now have the autonomy to decide whether or not to incorporate AI into their games. This decision can be deemed a logical step.

The entertainment industry has expressed concerns about AI’s potential to replace voice actors, game designers, and writers. Embark Studios, the developer of The Finals, recently expressed its opposition to the use of AI-generated voices in games, highlighting the significance of human voice actors.

In the context of film and television, the use of AI has raised concerns among writers, many of whom fear it could jeopardize their livelihoods.

In summary, while the AI-powered NPCs sound intriguing, the implementation of AI in other areas of game development remains a contentious issue. Only time will tell which Xbox studios will decide to embrace these tools.


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