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A twin of the real world will be created with the Metaverse

Warp, a tech enterprise heralded as the creator of “the world’s digital twin,” recently hosted its inaugural launch event in Istanbul. The company’s CEO, Oksana Golovina, articulated Warp’s mission, stating, “Our goal is to mirror the world in a digital form, especially in an age where our existence is progressively digitized.”

Established in 2010, Warp boasts primary hubs in Estonia, Europe, and North America, USA. The company celebrated its maiden launch in Turkey, specifically in the vibrant city of Istanbul.

Warp’s vision revolves around bridging the gap between the tangible and virtual realms. The company elucidated its services, revealing that they facilitate interactions with any object, entity, or city across the globe via digital mediums.

Furthermore, Warp has cultivated a platform that enables users to reserve or acquire experiences related to travel, lifestyle, and various services, be it locally or internationally. This initiative allows users to immerse themselves in their desired destinations within the metaverse, simulating an authentic presence.

Additionally, Warp underscores its capacity to be a one-stop digital solution for users, meeting all their needs. Concurrently, it offers businesses a vast stage to showcase their offerings to a massive audience.


A twin of the real world will be created with the Metaverse

Warp’s sophisticated AI-driven Digital Assistant, designed with human-like attributes, addresses user queries seamlessly. It furnishes comprehensive information about any business and facilitates user orders from any location. The platform aspires to craft a digital twin encompassing both commercial and non-commercial assets worldwide, along with their associated features.

By providing tailored digital solutions to accommodate the varied requirements of governments, enterprises, and individual users, Warp amplifies the digital dimension of user interactions. The company has pioneered innovative ways for users to engage with the external environment and its components. Through the Metaverse channel, users can vividly experience entities that might otherwise be out of their immediate reach.

Positioning itself as a trailblazer in travel, urban, and service tech sectors, Warp has interwoven advanced artificial intelligence into its meta system. Marking its commencement towards a global outreach, Warp chose Istanbul for its launch. The unveiling took place at the esteemed Raffles Hotel Istanbul. At this event, an eclectic mix of attendees, including notable figures from the realms of investment, tourism, technology, industry, and business, as well as media personnel, got a firsthand look at Warp’s technological prowess, its vision for the future, and its strategic roadmap. A highlight of the launch was an immersive tour of a hotel’s digital twin within the metaverse for the attendees.



During the launch event, Warp’s CEO Oksana Golovina remarked, “Turkey holds a commendable position in the global tourism industry, which led us to host our inaugural launch in Istanbul, a hub for tourism. It’s from this vantage point that we aimed to broadcast our vision, objectives, and strategic pathway to the world.”

Highlighting Warp’s vision of crafting a digital twin in an age where lifestyles are rapidly digitalizing, Golovina expressed, “Our platform is open for all stakeholders to leverage. We’ve streamlined intricate processes, converting them into swift and straightforward digital workflows. Our hope is that our holistic services and cutting-edge offerings will catalyze transformative shifts in the global tourism landscape.”

Through Warp, users are promised a fluid digital journey, assured of premium service quality, as they navigate the realms of travel, service, lifestyle, and hospitality. The platform accentuates its capability to cater to user demands in these domains via an integrated interface, all the while bolstering a robust system that guarantees comprehensive transactional and service integrity.

Furthermore, Warp’s applicability isn’t limited to private enterprises; public institutions stand to benefit significantly. Government entities can harness Warp’s digital prowess to transition, oversee, and scrutinize the operations of SMEs within the tourism and hospitality spheres. This will also empower them to accumulate authentic data on every consumer interaction. This offering encompasses facets like ensuring sectoral transparency, effective taxation, tourism levies, magnetizing foreign investments, and instituting quality checks. Concurrently, private firms have the opportunity to tap into the platform, exploring fresh digital avenues for customer outreach, revenue amplification, scalability, and automation.


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