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A new rival has arrived for ChatGPT: Grok

Elon Musk recently unveiled xAI Grok, an artificial intelligence system designed to compete with ChatGPT. Touted to surpass existing AI bots, Grok integrates real-time data and instant information from X/Twitter.

Musk launched this AI, developed by the newly established xAI company dedicated to AI research, for a ‘select group of users’ the day before.

In his announcement, Musk shared plans to amalgamate video surveillance, live streaming, and AI-powered chat platforms under the umbrella of ‘X.’ He highlighted that the xAI Grok system is programmed to inject a touch of humor into its responses, positioning it above any other AI platforms currently available.

Like GPT-4, Grok will also feature the capability to access the internet.



Discussing the xAI platform, Musk stated, “Grok possesses the capability to access information in real-time via the X platform, giving it a significant edge over other models.

It is also fundamentally designed to appreciate and use sarcasm,” he mentioned. Musk announced that once the early access trials conclude, the platform will become available to the general public, but with a catch. Access to xAI will require an X Premium Plus subscription, as the company plans to offer this cutting-edge technology exclusively to users who opt for the Premium Plus subscription on the X platform.


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