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9Gag Metaverse Project: Memeland

The metaverse project developed by 9Gag includes 3 different NFT projects in Memeland. According to the evaluation of Bruno The Goat Master from, two of the 3 collections are currently on display.

Two PFP NTF collections named MVP and Potatoz are available for sale on Memeland, which has a total of 300,000 curious discord users.

With a floor price of 28.2 ETH and a total of 420 NFTs, MVP is Memeland’s ball collection. According to Memeland’s website, MVP holders get the following privileges:

  • Access to information about Memeland before anyone else,
  • Exclusive access to the MVP lounge on the Memeland Discord channel,
  • Allowlist spots,
  • NFT drops,
  • IRL events,
  • Collaborations

At the same time, MVP holders will be able to get two free of charge Captainz NFTs that will be minted soon. MVP, which was offered for sale on OpenSea, saw sales at 30.24ETH. As you can follow the OpenSea page You Are the real MVP , there has been no sales for the last 21 days.

The Potatoz

9Gag Metaverse Project: Memeland
9Gag Metaverse Project: Memeland

The Potatoz is a NFT collection of 9,999 pixel potatoes living in the Memeland metaverse universe. Each NFT has different features in the collection inspired by Internet Metes and Pop Culture. The team released this collection as free mint in June 2022 and was one of the top NFT collections on OpenSea at the time.

These NFTs were dynamic NFTs and the original owners had to keep the NFTs in their wallets for a certain period of time for the potatoes to grow and reach their final form. In this way, the ‘holders’ who support the 9Gag Metaverse are ensured to keep their products in their wallets for a certain period of time, and it is aimed to give confidence to the ecosystem in this way.

The Potato owners are rewarded as follows:

  • Allowlist spots,
  • NFT drops,
  • Access to IRL events

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