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2 New Important Developments for Cryptocurrency Spot ETFs

The S21 filings for the spot Bitcoin ETF application submitted by Ark and 1Shares have been updated. Meanwhile, the decision on the VanEck spot ETH ETF has been postponed.

Spot BTC ETF applicants, actively engaging with the SEC and updating their filings, raise optimism that they may be nearing approval.

While the cryptocurrency markets remain relatively calm from day to day, significant developments are taking place on the SEC front.

Postponements were announced for ETH ETF futures applications. Now, there are new developments for two different ETF applications.

Cryptocurrency ETF News

2 New Important Developments for Cryptocurrency Spot ETFs

The SEC has postponed the decision on the Spot Ethereum ETF application submitted by VanEck.

Earlier, concerns were raised about potential market speculation and centralization risks in the Grayscale futures ETH ETF postponement, which occurred a few hours ago.

The fact that the SEC is opting for postponement decisions instead of rejections and providing additional review periods is considered relatively positive.

What adds to the positive outlook is that potential ETF issuers engaged in discussions with the SEC are updating their filings.

This filing update, occurring during ongoing negotiations, brings hope, especially considering that the approval deadline for Ark and 21Shares (for joint ETF applications) is January 10.

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