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13 Best WordPress AI Plugins

Artificial intelligence plugins for WordPress empower website owners to unlock the full potential of their sites. These plugins offer the capability to generate distinctive content, enhance search engine optimization, facilitate user engagement through live chat features, and much more.

They not only simplify various tasks ranging from design to coding but also expedite the overall process. As a result, website administrators can allocate their time more productively. In this piece, we will delve into the myriad of AI plugins available for WordPress and explore the advantages they bring to the table.

Best WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugins to Make Your Work Easier

Searching for keywords like “AI,” “WordPress AI Plugin,” or “Artificial Intelligence” in the official WordPress plugin directory yields countless options. Sifting through this extensive list can be daunting and time-intensive.

To simplify this, we’ve conducted thorough research and curated a selection of the top WordPress AI plugins for your convenience. These plugins are instrumental in addressing vital areas such as SEO, visual enhancement, and content generation.

1.AI Tools


No longer do you need to bear the burden of recruiting a separate content creator. This remarkable plugin autonomously crafts articles tailored to your specified topics and style. Every piece of content it generates is articulated in a precise, polished, and human-like manner, ensuring you won’t face issues like grammatical mistakes.

Moreover, the plugin seamlessly integrates relevant imagery for your content. Leveraging OpenAI’s renowned DALL-E system, it instantly produces visuals based on textual prompts. In essence, this plugin stands out as a formidable asset, adept at generating diverse high-quality, human-mimicking content.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with a vast array of languages, encompassing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and French. If you’re in pursuit of a robust WordPress AI plugin, this multifaceted tool can effortlessly automate tasks for your website.

2.10Web AI Assistant


10Web AI Assistant is a prime Artificial Intelligence plugin tailor-made for WordPress, serving as an innate content generator and editor. If you’re aiming to amplify your WordPress site’s reach and expedite the processes of content drafting, editing, and optimization, then 10Web AI Assistant is your go-to solution!

This potent aide allows for automated content generation straight from both Gutenberg and Classic Editor. Furthermore, with this complimentary plugin, you have the capacity to craft top-tier content encompassing articles, sections, outlines, copies, text alterations, product summaries, promotions, and more, at a pace that’s tenfold quicker than conventional approaches.



The Voicer plugin is a specialized WordPress tool crafted to transform text into lifelike speech. Utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s engineered to reproduce high-quality human vocalizations.

With Voicer, visitors can audibly engage with your website’s content, rendered in a realistic human voice. This not only enhances accessibility but also elevates the user experience, particularly benefiting those with visual impairments.

Boasting the capability to convert text into speech across 45+ languages and with over 310 vocal nuances, the Voicer plugin stands out. Complemented by a sleek and customizable player, it offers an expansive repertoire of linguistic and vocal options.

4.AI Engine


AI Engine stands out as one of the premier Artificial Intelligence plugins for WordPress, streamlining various tasks on your website. It provides seamless integration with renowned AI models, including ChatGPT, DaVinci, and Microsoft Azure.

Through its API, crafting content for your website becomes effortless, be it on an individual scale or in bulk. Moreover, you can generate captivating visuals directly from prompts, all without exiting your website, among other functionalities.

While AI Engine offers a versatile AI solution for WordPress users and is available for free within a certain usage limit, unlocking its full spectrum of features necessitates an upgrade to its premium plans.



For those seeking a robust free chatbot for their WordPress site, Tidio emerges as an impeccable option. This easily-integrated platform caters specifically to your business needs, offering a plethora of features such as AI-driven live chat, workflow automation, and efficient email request management.

What sets Tidio apart is its ability to mimic human interactions, courtesy of the LYRO AI chatbot. Additionally, the AI Reply Assistant feature, powered by OpenAI, facilitates faster response times. This empowers business owners to address customer inquiries promptly and effectively at the touch of a button.

While Tidio offers both free and premium plans, it’s worth noting that the complimentary version might come with certain constraints. Therefore, it’s advisable to select a plan aligning with your business requirements.

6.Uncanny Automator


Uncanny Automator stands out as a top-tier Artificial Intelligence plugin for WordPress, designed to streamline your website management. It offers the convenience of connecting various plugins, apps, and services directly from your dashboard, thus negating the need for external integration services. This means you can declutter your site by sidelining numerous plugins and solely relying on the Uncanny Automator.

Once set up, the AI functionality can be harnessed for diverse tasks, including content creation, image generation, or deploying a chatbot on your website. While the plugin is available for free, those seeking enhanced features have the option to upgrade to its premium plan.

7.Link Whisper


Link Whisper harnesses the prowess of artificial intelligence to assist you in crafting relevant and SEO-optimized internal links for your audience. As you pen your article, Link Whisper swiftly analyzes your site’s content, suggesting only the most pertinent links. Additionally, it simplifies the process of integrating internal links to your older posts.

For those aiming to efficiently manage internal links and leverage AI to ease the task, Link Whisper could be the ideal solution. While it offers a free version with basic functionalities, accessing its comprehensive features requires a one-time payment for each site.



Quttera stands as a robust AI-enhanced WordPress plugin, dedicated to safeguarding your site from various cyber threats like viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malevolent risks. Powered by its Artificial Intelligence Scanning Engine, Quttera actively searches for, identifies, and mitigates any threats, even those that are concealed or bear malicious code. What’s more, you can initiate scans straight from your WordPress dashboard.

While Quttera does offer a version with basic capabilities at no cost, unlocking a broader range of features, such as neutralizing harmful threats, requires transitioning to its premium subscription.

9.AI Power


AI Power ranks as one of the top free artificial intelligence plugins for WordPress, simplifying the process of generating content, visuals, and adaptable forms for your site. With the support of ChatGPT’s GPT-backed chatbot, Lisa, it provides users with not just answers but also valuable insights, recommendations, and advice.

But AI Power’s strength isn’t just in its distinctive features. It also boasts compatibility, integrating smoothly with prominent WordPress plugins. Additionally, for social media managers seeking to lighten their load, AI Power shines by offering automated social media posting capabilities, all powered by its advanced AI.

10.AI Content Writing Assistant


AI Content Writing Assistant is a noteworthy free AI plugin for WordPress, designed to assist you in crafting top-tier content and visuals. Its user-friendly interface ensures seamless article creation on any subject and offers the flexibility to tailor images to your preferences.

Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing methodologies, this plugin delivers premium, authentic content. It’s adept at producing content based on specific keywords and phrases, while also providing instantaneous suggestions and rectifications.

Accommodating multiple languages, the plugin facilitates easy toggling between them. With the AI Content Writing Assistant, brainstorming blog topics, drafting articles, and even constructing full pages becomes a matter of mere moments.



CodeWP stands out as an AI-driven tool, meticulously crafted to produce codes tailored for WordPress platforms. With the capability to offer custom modifications for PHP, JS, WooCommerce, and other renowned WordPress plugins, CodeWP proves to be an invaluable ally for both website proprietors and developers.

Additionally, CodeWP boasts an extensive library of ready-to-use code snippets, allowing users to effortlessly integrate them into their sites. This provision acts as a significant asset, equipping users with a head start in their WordPress endeavors and consequently conserving both time and energy.

12.Imaginn AI


Imajinn AI emerges as a prodigious artificial intelligence-based product visualizer, endowed with the unique capability to animate your product images. This stellar AI tool offers you the facility to visualize and disseminate your products without incurring any cost. If you’re aiming to revolutionize e-commerce and excel in virtual photo sessions, Imajinn AI could be your ideal companion. With a mere few clicks, you can dictate your product’s placement and let this potent tool handle the rest.

Drawing parallels to platforms like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, Imajinn empowers you to craft visuals on virtually any topic, limited only by your creativity. Simply input a descriptive prompt of your envisioned creation, and within moments, Imajinn conjures up an impressive visual.

Employing the latest AI innovations, Imajinn is capable of generating visuals that are virtually indistinguishable from authentic photographs or artistic masterpieces. Plus, all generated images come without any royalty obligations, ensuring hassle-free usage on your site without any licensing concerns.

13.Rankmath Content AI


For those utilizing the RankMath SEO plugin, its integration of an AI tool is hard to miss. RankMath Content AI stands out as the pioneering WordPress SEO plugin to leverage artificial intelligence. This feature equips users with enhanced content ideas, providing dynamic recommendations based on specific keyword linguistics and targeted countries. It offers optimal content length guidelines and intelligent proposals for titles, links, multimedia, and keywords.

AI plugins for WordPress simplify intricate tasks and tailor your website content to align with both visitor preferences and search engine criteria. As AI technology continues to advance, the WordPress landscape will undoubtedly witness a surge of inventive applications and functionalities.


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